XJESSX (xjessx) wrote,

The good old days

I've been thinking alot about high school and running and the old team and that stuff. I miss the hell out of it. God, it's been 7 years since I graduated. How did that happen? How did I go from doing the St Marys loop or stupid Mildon Hill to potty training a 2 year old and painting at my new house? Time really does fly. I remember, vividly, things like the smell of indoor track. Its sort of a combo between sweat, rubber, and vomit. I miss that smell. I remember being stupid and hating Millie Crisostomo because she was so damn fast. And now I admire her more than I could say. I remember getting to the high school the morning of the meet we found out Talia died. That was my first realization that we are mortal. I remember having a really shitty senior year, being anti social and now regretting it. What I'd give to have those days back. I remember freezing my ass off at districts. Some how it always wound up raining and REALLY cold. I remember hearing praise that meant more than anything. Being called "Tough" meant more to me than I could say and has stuck with me. I remember being a moron and getting a PR in the gym class mile on the day of a Leominster meet. Yeah, that sucked.

Sometimes I wish I had all those memories and more on a dvd or something I could watch when I feel like it.
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I remember what it feels like to be in the Reggie Lewis Center everytime i'm in a Dunkin Donuts, and I recall running down Red Springs rd. everytime I smell leaves burning, or a wood stove. I still think I could tell you everybody's PR on my team, and every single loop we ran.

I know what you mean. As cliched as it sounds... I now fell as if I have a hole in my heart.
I think of Red Spring Rd too everytime I smell wood burning!

Its stupid but I miss the feeling of sleeping on the floor in the aisle of a school bus while its driving.

And the "track mix tape" that Manell made. Wish I still had it!

So many good memories!